New Senior Members

Welcome New CAP Senior Member!

The Civil Air Patrol is a non-profit service oriented organization that is truly helping America.  To help you get started we have provided this New Senior Member Welcome Booklet...simply click on each link below.

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New Member Welcome Booklet

The new member booklet is your first resource to get started as an active adult member of CAP. Here you can learn a little about the organization, get information on obtaining your user name and password; populate information in your personal eServices account, and learn about how to take your first step as a CAP member: completing the Level I Orientation Course [See explanation and links below].

Respect On Display Pamphlet

Respect on Display (CAPP 151) teaches you about some of CAP's unique Customs and Courtesies it uses to show respect for and among our members, built organizational spirit and render respect to our National symbols and military partners. Keep this copy handy; you may find it useful both at the squadron and during your orientation training.

"Level I" Orientation Training for Senior Members

Thanks goes to the Fredericksburg Composite Squadron for the information in this section.

As a new member in the Civil Air Patrol, the first thing you should do is meet with your Professional Development Officer (PDO) and Commander to lay out a plan of action for your career in CAP. New senior members are introduced to the Civil Air Patrol through the "Level I" member orientation process. The orientation includes the following online courses and a series of in-person discussions. Once these courses are complete, Level I concludes with a discussion on individual goals and duty assignment. A mentor will be assigned based on these goals and assignments.

Operations Security Awareness Training

By completing the online Operations Security (OPSEC) Awareness Training, you will know how to handle sensitive information concerning our missions, our capabilities and our partner agencies. The OPSEC awareness training also allows CAP to validate to our partner agencies that members whom we entrust with sensitive information have the necessary training and have agreed to protect that information. OPSEC is an online quiz you take when you first log into CAP eServices.

This training takes most people less than 20 minutes and concludes with an opportunity to agree to protect sensitive information. This is called a "Non Disclosure Agreement" (NDA) and each member's agreement will be recorded electronically in their membership records. This NDA will be required before a member can access sensitive information or participate in certain missions. This training is mandatory for all CAP Officer Members and Cadet Sponsor Members. It is an online only course. The following is a secure website and the initial screen will ask some questions to verify your identity.

Level I Orientation Course

Your next task is to complete the Level 1 Orientation Course. In the Orientation Course, you will gain a breadth of knowledge that will serve you well as you begin your journey and through your entire career. You will learn about our history, how to wear the uniform, customs and courtesies, our Core Values and how they are applied. Your Professional Development Officer will be your mentor as you proceed through the course, providing guidance and advice. The Orientation course is located on the CAP Learning Management System (LMS) titled "Level 1 Orientation (click hyperlink title to go there directly).

Click here for an Overview page with the Student Guide and the link to the online course.. 

That's it!

At the completion of your Level I training, you will be eligible to wear the Membership ribbon and participate as an active member. Now, you are ready to continue forward in your Civil Air Patrol experience. Click HERE to find out about additional trainings.

As always, if you have any questions along the way don't hesitate to ask your Professional Development Officer or any member of the squadron's Command Staff. 

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